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Aug 20, 2009

Analistics website or blog is important, although not a requirement, Analistics with this we can monitor the progress and decline your blog or website. we can know who to access the web or blog. We can also find out what content is most interested in by the user, and what the content is less in love by the user.

many of which provide free services and paid for Analistics web or blog. To try to benefit Analistics we should use this free fasilatas first, we try to apply Analistics our web or blog. Here are some services for free Analistics that we can use in our web or blog. I will give you a little about Analistics that I know, less you try to please yourself.

Google Analistics
Google Analistics this is a free facility provided by the google, you can in this Analistics the program is provided by the user to the google web or blog. Variety of standards that come with the display graphics and can also export the format to pdf, csv, xml, and other popular files. Compared with the other is, Google Analistics provide a more detailed and comprehensive, ranging from Analistics the number of visitors, visitors who come again, and so forth.

Sitemeter is Analistics which can be set to public, so anyone can see statistics for our web or blog. Loading is very fast and does not need to burden our web or blog. Display the graph simple and good, but there is no facility to traffick to see a certain date, only available in this day, 7 days, 30 day, and 12 months previously.

HiStats the view that even though quite interesting with standard facilities, almost all graphs and displayed with a dynamic, similar to google analistics, the estimated hours also appear when the cursor is in the graph. Statistics can also be set to public, we can also create a hidden logo / icon in our web or blog. we can also select how the image icon and a diverse and interesting for our web or blog.

StatCounter provides invisible counter, in addition to standard web facilities analistics, statcounter also provides other facilities such as: Keyword Analisys, Recent Keyword Activity, Search Engine War, Visitor Paths, Public Stats Recent Activity and more.

Clicky appear with the name of the web Analistics 2.0, with a typical display. Developer API For example, See every action and the other in the web 2.0.
The facility is Real Time Statistics (Spy), so every one or two seconds we could see the visitor statistics for our web or blog.

Piwik is Open Source a web analistics, Unlike other web analistics, Piwik is based on plugins, so that we can add is that the plugins do what we want. Besides having our own data, and we can use our data by the Open Fire.

Thus the little knowledge I know, it all depends on our own, which would like to select? Surely that is very good for all we know, first of all facilities is free.


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Free Analistics Web or Blog
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